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Art for Life Project

The Art For Life Project provides a person struggling with a life-threatening illness, hope, and joy, by gifting an original painting. A portion of print sales is awarded to the recipient and a non-profit of their choice.

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You Can Give Hope Too!

Each month, I will partner with a family member or their friends to create an original painting of a subject that has special meaning for the recipient as they struggle through their life-threatening circumstances. 

Next, a reproduction of the original painting will be made available to the public on this website. For one year, a portion of the proceeds from print sales will be awarded to the Art for Life recipient and to a non-profit of their choice. 

Purchasing a print HERE is a wonderful way to support a person's hope + you end up with a beautiful Giclee print that will remind you that together we can always make a difference.*

        Vicki and Jerry Tillery                      Are the Reason Why


A few months ago, I heard on Facebook that my friend's mom, Vicki Tillery, battled brain cancer.  I only met her a couple of times, but she was an extremely lovely person, and her son Jerry, a truly wonderful man. Additionally, my family has been directly impacted by this disease. I hadn't seen Jerry in a couple of years and had wanted to reach out but didn't know what to say; I realized I could create a painting that hopefully would bring them a little joy each day. Jerry had been posting pictures of Lake Oconee, and I asked him if I could paint one of them. Little did I know what Jerry shares here.

" Everyone knows, Neil and I have been living pretty much full time at Lake Oconee since this COVID 19 mess started. As a way for me to stay connected to my mom when we aren't together as she battles brain cancer, I have been texting her sunrise photos pretty much every morning. It’s something simple we both LOVE."

When Jerry gave this picture to his Mom, I had no idea this would mean so much and was taken aback by her and her family's appreciation. That's when I realized I could do something for others in her circumstances, and selfishly it made me so happy to do so. This is what has given birth to the "Art for Life Project."  Now here is what you can do...

Vicky's Place.jpg

Give Hope and Purchase  

"A View for Vicki" Here

*Diana Marino Art is an LLC,  therfore your purchase is not an eligible tax deduction.  

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