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 Giclee Print Price List

What's a Giclee Print?

The Giclee Printing process begins with each canvas print produced with a premium 19MIL, 450GSM Poly-Cotton Matte Canvas that is Archival Certified, and OBA-Free. Our museum-grade canvases are then printed using Genuine HDR Inks, ensuring the maximum archival life for your print. 

What all of this means to you is that the quality of your Giclee archival print should maintain its beauty and last for generations.

Print Price List.JPG

Q.  May I order your prints in any size? 

A.   YES, but there are 3 important things to know

  1. Any size print is available if the size does not compromise the quality of the print. For example, an 8 x 10 original would lose its quality if printed too large. 

  2. The best reproduction of an original art piece maintains the correct ratio of length to width. Otherwise, the cropping of the image may occur. In other words, if the original is 9x12, the best sizes to maintain the same size print would be at a 3:4 ratio, such as an 18 x 24 or 36 x 48.  As long as you are happy with the print, a little cropping may not matter at all.

Q.  How do I order a special size print?

A.   It's easy!

      If the print size does not appear in the drop-down 

      menu from the product page, contact us directly, and

      we will place your order for you!

Q.  Can this print be stretched instead of framed?

A.   Yes and No

      All of our prints can be stretched as they are printed on museum grade canvas; however, this reduces your total print size. You may either order a larger print, or we can customize your print to be stretcher ready!

NOTE:  Your image will be the size stated above; however, your total print size will be 2 inches wider and higher as we add a border to all images for enhanced beauty and ease of framing. 

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